What to do when your dream dies
November 09, 2020

What to do when your dream dies

hi kiddos!

It feels like awhile since we've chatted and I hope you're all well. I usually get the winter blues around this time due to the lack of sunlight, but even though we've adjusted our clocks, and 6pm feels more like 10pm, things aren't looking that bad this time around.

Today I've decided to finally open up about what's been going through my head in the last 4 weeks since I quit my job as an account manager at a well paying start-up. There will be several emails over the next few weeks detailing the journey thus far to show you what following your dream means. You guys are the reason The Good Goods exist, it's cheesy but as early investors, supporters, and dreamers, we really want to take you along on the whole experience. 

Four weeks ago, I had a chat with my boss after 6 months of contemplating whether I should leave my job, because like so many people I have a dream I want to chase. I didn't want to waste my life away working for someone else, or questioning "what if?" I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I've always known I wanted to work for myself since the 7th grade when my classmate asked me what I wanted to do, and I wondered to myself before saying "I… don't know, but I want to create something, my own thing and sell it, have people use it… something like that." I thought I was being creative, but he just looked at me, shrugged and said, "Oh you want to be an entrepreneur." So when I cut the cord and decided to leave my job four weeks ago, I thought I was somewhat ready.

But just like how every story needs a conflict, my first few days as "ceo" was freeing until I realized that unless I made this business successful, I'd have to return back to the 9-5 grind for the rest of my life. I admit it might sound a little dramatic, and usually I am, but this time around the doubt scared and depressed me, and I became obsessed with watching the orders come in, what we were spending our money on, and getting into cafes. I couldn't sleep, and I barely ate despite being a lifelong stress snacker, and doubts seeped into my mind. I was jumpy, worried, and on edge, this wasn't just a thing on the side anymore, but my life and I couldn't help but wonder we could make it.

As much as I wanted to update everyone on what's been happening, it wasn't as great as I imagined and that was hard to admit. I take pride in being optimistic when things seem to go astray, and I enjoy a challenge but this felt different because the doubt had come in and I couldn't shake it off, I couldn't help but second guess my ability and this damn business. 

But it does get better, so if you'd like to hear more, stick around for the next emails which will be sent over the next few weeks.

On another note, we're unofficially looking for a partner/co-founder for The Good Goods, so if you like people, food, and have a passion for cafe culture + entrepreneurship feel free to send us an email or DM. 

Chat soon,
The Good Kids

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